Top three Horror stories that will scrape out the fear beneath you

A Scary Deveil Scarecrow man having a bighole in his stomach.

The conceptualize horror movies written by renowned authors

The inner room by Robert Aickman
One of the adrenaline boost up and goosebumps rising activity for all of us is listening, watching, or reading horror stories. Horror stories guide a person to the ride of fear and adventure making a perfect combination of amusing entertainment. One such story is the inner room written by Robert Aickman. The story revolves around a surprise dollhouse gifted to a girl named Lane. She is unable to open the dollhouse but can visualize all the furniture of the house in her dreams while her brother finds out an inner room inside their house related to the dollhouse.

The third hotel by van den berg

Unlike other stories of toys and graves to fear the reader’s van den berg has focused more on the concepts of life, death, and the afterlife. In the story, a widow called Clare who is a sales representative whose husband Richard a horror film expert dies recently in a hit and run case near her house. The couple had decided to attend the festival of the movie launch together. Clare then started for the show from her home to honor her dead husband. She soon finds a man before the start of her show resembling her husband’s face and later she finds out a way to connect with him. The novel is all about grief, adventure, life, death, and the afterlife.

Come closer written by Sarah Gran

Amanda the character in the novel Come closer observes that all which is impossible in our thoughts is the one that crosses our life’s journey. The young girl Amanda is under demonic possession and has to come over with impediments making her life tough. She is married and has a great future with the profession and with her husband. She suddenly starts writing unwanted or abrupt notes to her boss, her character is a bit cruel, and she also indulge in extra-marital affairs with other guys. She also has some sexual dreams in which she is reminded about her childhood friend and playmate. The lady in the dream is Namaah a childhood friend of Amanda. The readers are enthusiastic in finding the mystery whether Amanda will give up or still there are any traces of hopes left behind in our life. The uncertainty and the excitement of what’s next will keep the reader engaged in turning over the pages.

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