The best haunting stories for this year’s Halloween

A Scary Clown Peering From A Dark Background.

The inner room by Robert Aickman

Reading novels is not new but some adventuring novels prominently the ghost tagged ones are the best to enjoy and spend quality time while reading them. As said the books are a man’s best friends and as friends are for joy and happiness so do the ghostly novels. The ghost stories always have the first to engage the reader with no doubts. While reading ghost stories a person feels as if they are in the scenario and this victory of achieving the reader’s delight is the key to the success of the novels listed below:

The inner room
Many of us love to watch or read stories of haunted house or haunted dollhouse. This novel features both and hence with no doubts it tops the list of the ghost story novels. In this story, a girl is gifted a dollhouse which she is unable to open until she finds the real version of the house in her dreamy woods.

The Third hotel popular for life, grief, death, and afterlife

Laura Van den berg’s work always seeks and explores to find something impossible or some things which can never change. In this novel, a wife tries to communicate with her dead husband to overcome her grief. She pretends to see her husband while entering the event for his honor.

John written by Annie Baker
The ghost story John written by Annie is a play but it suits nearly perfect for a novel. In this novel, a couple moves for a vacation to enjoy their new marriage. They only land up meeting ghosts and experiencing paranormal activities.

The magic of guest book written by Leanne Shapton

The most paramount thing to notice with this novel is Shapton’s way of promising and interconnecting the people who are dead with the alive. He won over the hearts of the readers with his impeccable skills of co-relating every image with the sequence. All the works from Leanne Shapton are successful and appreciable which creates a separate supreme place in the reader’s heart.

Come closer by Sarah Gran
How often is it to find someone under a demonic possession in a ghost story? A young girl here is possessed by an evil spirit which ruins her professional and personal life with unpleasant behavior and extramarital sexual affairs. The book focuses on the evil activities performed by a human under their possession.

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