These ghost towns in India are must to be explored by an adventurer

Image Showing Group of Haunted Houses in a ghost town.

The traditional fort where the ghost palace is standing strong

Bhangarh fort
The Bhangarh fort is known for its tragic past and dangerous present. The history says that the fort has been cursed with black magic and people can find the traces of paranormal activity here. The black magician was killed brutally only because he wanted to marry the princess. The fort then never got glory or charm and started losing its capital and rumors spread that all these problems are due to the curse gifted by the black magician. The archaeological department of India has prohibited entry to the fort after 6.00 PM. The nearest city to the fort is Jaipur located 85 Km from the fort.

The nearest town to the birthplace of missile man of India is a ghostly habitat

Who is not introduced by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam a renowned scientist, politician and India’s hero was born in Rameshwaram a few miles from Dhanushkodi. The place is considered as the endpoint of the country and is famous for Lord Ram who broke his stone bridge with a bow. Dhanushkodi is only 16 Km away from Sri Lanka. The tourist spot is famous for its ruins. The place was cursed with a cyclone that destroyed the region in 1946 and all the people and homes were drowned except a temple which stands strong even today. The locals also state that the paranormal activities are witnessed by the tourist and the ghost of people died in cyclone haunts them.

Never miss a trip to the ghost Island in Andaman

Ross Island, Andaman
The Andaman and Nicobar island is one of the prominent territories of India and is located far from the country. There is a nearby island used by the British when they ruled the country for 200 years. The island is empty from the 1940s when an earthquake struck it. The old ruins are rooted by trees and one can find no human or tribe habiting there. A person interested in paranormal activities will love to explore the ruined infrastructure and the machinery which is rusted today. The place also habits a church, school and surrounded by the beautiful Bay of Bengal. The shortest way to reach Ross island is to pick a small boat ride from Port Blair, the capital of Andaman.

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