The best places in London for ghost hunting in 2019

A Scariest Haunted House In Night Background.

Indeed London host beauty, nature, and “Ghosts”

London holds some beautiful monuments along with some creepy past. This Halloween one can try visiting and exploring the paranormal activities in London. The city holds some scary structures to be explored by a paranormal researcher or by a ghostly enthusiast. Let us begin with our countdown of the creepiest locations in and outskirts of the beautiful city called London. Without wasting a second let’s find how many have to guts to visit the places listed below.

The rulers of Hampstead Heath rule without being alive
One of the popular spots to visualize Halloween is Hampstead but the place is subjected to some real ghostly activities. People living here believe that the day is calm and the night is ruled by a man galloping on his horse. Many have witnessed a grinning girl crying on the high street. Ghost hunters reading this one can start to the location ASAP!!

A prison standing tall for commitment of crimes, “The Clink prison”

The oldest prison in the history of the English past is located in London and what’s interesting is haunted. Indeed only a few could visit due to its creepy paranormal activities. The prison began in 1144 and since then many murders and tortures with the prisoners made the prison a host of ghosts. In 1780 the government decided to close the prison and shift all the prisoners from the place. The British government converted the prison into the museum for tourist attraction. Many ghost hunters consider this place haunted and advise people to stay away from here at night.

The London tower standing tall for paranormal activities

The English administration built the London tower in 1100. From 1100 to 1952 they used it as a prison. During this period mass killings were performed here. Many people’s head was cut into pieces inside the structure. Since then many of them have witnessed ghostly activities here. Popular sightings include Henry six, Anny Boleyn, and Guy Fawkes spirits. It is believed that standing at the St. Johns Chapel a person can smell the perfume of a white lady and few have also sighted her on the window above.

High gate cemetery
Cemeteries and graveyards are the best places to find paranormal activities. One such is High gate cemetery where 1, 70,000 people have been buried, including some of the popular celebrities of the era. There are chances of finding ghosts during the night here making an adventurous ride through London.

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