Few ways to find out the existence of demonic activities in your home

Image showing A ghost woman fighting with holy father.

Are you sharing your lovely home with some scary mates?

It is so scary to say whether your lovely home is haunted by some creepy demon. The ghost can exist anywhere from your wardrobe to your bathroom. One needs to use some tricks to find out their presence. We can say that all such things are against science but one also needs to understand a person’s conscience. Without wasting more time, let us begin with some steps to find out ghosts at your home.

1. Try to communicate with them
If a person feels something strange happenings then they should barely communicate with the person for the cause in a shorter way the ghost. One can interrogate with them using why, when, what, which to find their presence. The ghost cannot reply but can make some furniture of your home move to make a person feel their presence.

2. Should a person use Ouija Board to communicate with a demon?

The Ouija board is the latest trend for your tubers to engage the audience in their videos. The paranormal investigators believe that ghost communicates with the Ouija board. The Ouija board is made out of wood and two people should use it at one time. They should place their hands on the board and ask what they require from the negative energy residing inside their homes. If any ghost is present it will move the wooden board to answer.

3. Can one communicate with the ghost through séance?
Séance is a bit different from communicating with the negative energy directly. It is a ceremony to establish effective communication between the dead and alive. To perform the séance effectively one needs to seek people who believe in the existence of ghosts. The people should find a silent room and join hands and ask questions to the ghost. It is believed that if any Skeptic person is involved in the ceremony the ghost can avoid communicating.

4. Can you feel them in your dream?

Sometimes the presence of a ghost in your home can bring nightmares full of fear and anxiety. If such dreams are repetitive then consulting an expert is essential. A person has to write down what they see in dreams before meeting with an expert. One has to write down to help the experts to analyze the situation.

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