Stay away from these places to prevent illness

Sick woman with cold lying on a bed.

How your winter clothes can make you ill?

The rainy season is just over and the mild shower of chillness has started with welcoming pumpkin hats on Halloween. The winter also brings uninvited guests called Flu virus which is the reason for millions of people getting ill every year. The flu virus and bacteria can stay on a hard surface for approximately two days a can affect people connected with the surface.

We all have a habit of keeping our winter clothes secluded form us in a box for a half-a-year. The dust mites and infectious germs get over on the dust of such clothes. This can cause severe skin infections and make a person fall ill without any suspicious reason. It is better to wash the winter clothes before using them. Also, the storage boxes of the winter clothes are to be kept cleaned occasionally.

One thing you miss out to clean your house

All of us clean our hot water tank with chemicals and disinfectants at regular intervals. Nearly all of us miss out to clean our faucet which we use in our kitchen. Not cleaned faucet is the source for drinking germs filled water and falling ill often. The untouched faucets will develop grime which swallowed can make a person seriously ill. One has to clean the faucet with soaps and clean water also using vinegar can remove the grime. Different types of cleaning products are available for different styles of faucets.

The Draperies and desks must be kept clean

Hard window curtains can help a person in making their home warmer during the winter season. The draperies can save up to 10% of heat loss-making home perfect to live. It is recommended to clean the window products once every three months or even more than that to keep the lurking germs away. The germs love to stay at window curtain folds due to the warm location and hence can bring allergies and health hazards for humans.

A research states that there are more numbers of germs on a keyboard than a toilet seat. It is good to wipe the whole desk once a day to keep all the dirty bacteria away. Apart from cleaning materials following clean sanitary habits like washing hands regularly in the whole day can help a person stay fit and healthy in the winter.

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