A list of popular haunted house in the world

Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp:
Haunted house are not just homes as others think. It is one of the greyest places in the world. The Auschwitz camp signifies one of the blood-stained histories happened in the world, over 2 million deaths occurred within a five-year period (1940 – 1945). The torture and massacre that happened here is the most horrific one in human history.


Raynham Hall:
It is a home to the most famous England’s ghost, the brown lady. According to a folk legend, an image of the brown lady was taken in the mid-era of 1930’s. It is remaining as one of the greatest authentic pictures captured ever.


The Whaley House:
It is a popular haunted house in the United States. There have been lots of ghost encounter in the house, which was once moderately a cemetery as well. This house is one of the famous places for the paranormal activity.

Bally Gally Castle:
Usually, the word “castle” refers to big houses. But, this premise has been modified into a hotel, which is still dynamic today. It is also a favorite place for the number of demons, one among the ghosts is a woman who was famished to demise by her husband.

Unit 731 Experimentation camp:
It is a Japanese concentration camp, which is responsible for the demise of 250,000 Chinese prisoners. It is a part of the Asian history and was not publicized well. But, it still remains as the utmost disturbing places in the world.

The Rose Hall Great House:
The natural beauty of Jamaica’s has made it as a big attraction for tourists. However, most visitors are not aware of the story of a legend behind it. It is a house of the lady magician, who seized, agonized and killed dozens of slaves.

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