Tricks to Creating The Best-Ever Haunted House

Haunted houses manage to survive over the years because people enjoy getting terrified out of their wits so much that they are willing to pay good money to be actually frightened. These businesses have a good cash inflow especially during autumn when it is time for Halloween.

The best civil architects and structural engineers in Chennai have also been cashing in on this new trend according to While setting up a haunted house from scratch, there are a few factors that need to be implemented to maximize the fear factor and ensure that the visitors have teeth biting experience.

Take a look at some tips on how to use architecture to make sure your Haunted House is actually scary:

Choose A Spooky Building
Scout around for a genuinely spooky looking building, if you manage to find something with a haunting story behind it that is even better. Most haunted houses use locations like abandoned hospitals and prisons which were built in the Victorian era to get the creepy factor.

Most prisons built during this era were designed in such a way that a single watchman could observe all the prisoners from a single spot. This made it tough for inmates during that time, as they were under the constant fear of observation with no privacy. Adding a bit of fog can also help set the mood as the visitors start entering the building.


Stick to The Location’s Features
If you have managed to find a creepy gothic mansion to use for your haunted house, do not include any other features like a haunted prison theme, as it will take away the effect. Most designers stick to the location’s theme and use it to maximize the features they are incorporating into the horror theme. Try not to have any modern amenities lying about which could seriously bring the bar low for any haunted mansion.

Combine Different Elements To Strike A Balance
As people start walking into any haunted house they are looking for the story behind it, so be ready with a narrative that helps balance the fear and intrigue the visitors as well. Most shows last around 45 minutes and manage to include all kinds of different elements like actors popping out unexpectedly, glowing eyes, fog effect and eerie sounds and so on.

Timing Is Everything
Experts recommend going through the haunted house at the pace of the visitor to make sure that the soundtrack and the actors are able to be in sync with each other. However, if large groups of people are walking in at the same time, it might be a tad difficult to scare all of them, since some of them must have already spotted the others getting scared by a zombie popping out just a few seconds back. Just try to make sure that the scare tactics are well spaced so that the visitors walking at a slower pace are still scared out of their wits.

At the end of the day, the main aim of a haunted house is to ensure that the visitors had a good time getting scared, which is exactly what you need to get around to doing by adding in all the right elements and balancing them out.

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