Top Ideas For Turning Your Home Into A Haunted House


During autumn every year, most Americans try to visit haunted houses and they are ready to pay money to get scared. These haunted houses are estimated to make about $300 Million in the United States. The best part is that one can actually design it on their own. These houses use a combination or animatronics and prosthetic make up for making the actors look scary. The location of some of these haunted houses are inside a building and it looks too spooky. Some look like they are straight out of the 19th Century with paints peeling off the walls and hence creating a real haunted house effect. Each house has its own way of scaring people who come in. if you do not want to do it yourself, there are also many Qatar interior design company that would be willing to do this for you at a price.Take a look at for ideas.

Choose A Spooky Location
One of the most popular concepts when it comes to scaring people is building the places based out of some old tales pertaining to a particular building. Prisons are especially known for the stories of torture and punishment. One of the famous stories is that during the Victorian era, being in the jail was more difficult than it was thought to be. It had a single watchman who was assigned to take care of all the prisoners. Therefore, Eastern Penitentiary was one the most difficult prisons to live with. It is known for its solitary confinement since it was believed to be the first prison that started this. It was only later that more than three hundred prisons were designed in the same pattern. There are also lots of ghost story legends in the same area and even the travel channel designated it as one of the most haunted places in the world. There have also been ghost sightings in the same area that were reported. It will be great to design your haunted house, based on real stories and real haunted places like one these. In this case, it could be prison cells that have an ancient look with peeling wall paints and dirty floors. Blood splatter can also be used to give the scary feeling in the house. Another element that adds to the spooky feeling is the use of fog.


Using Characters That Invoke Fear
What is most frightening about a haunted is the objects that look scary. There are also some characters that are specifically designed to scare the visitors and make it interesting. Some scary characters that are known are Dracula, Vampires, grim reapers etc. Adding these characters and making them come out of the blue scares the visitors to their wits. Some of the other design ideas include haunted hospital room with bleeding patients, prisons etc. One of the important features of a haunted house design is that it has to look authentic enough to invoke fear. Else, it could become the laughing stock. Every detail must be carefully carved out so that it suits the scary house theme. Some haunted houses go to the extent of visiting real hospital rooms to understand the color tones, the kind of furniture that was used and recreate the same eerie ambiance.

Mixing Up Fear And Story
Each haunted house must have a story that goes to say why it is haunted and what kind of creepy creatures are living there. Some of the tactics that haunted house use is characters popping out of nowhere, seeing zombies and ghosts suddenly etc. Some go further by creating weird animals using animatronics techniques. People keep waiting to see what is going to come up next and scare them. Part of the thrill lies in throwing the visitors off guard when they had least expected it. Sometimes, there is also the catalog technique where you walk through a particular portion of the house looking at an animal and suddenly it pops out to your face scaring you. Just when you thought it’s over, another character comes up stopping your breath. Most of these scares are based on distracting the participants and scaring them from the direction opposite to the one they are expecting it to come from. The three-part scare is especially scary as there is no recovery time between the scares. This has many participants screaming and running.

Timing Defines Everything
When it comes to scare tactics, one has to be sure that a character does not come out early or people do not anticipate what is going to scare them next. Therefore, it is very important that the actors are spaced out across the scare room to ensure that they continuously feel scared. The sounds, as well as props, used must be appropriate to compliment the experience and at no point should it get boring. Another thing that one has to watch out is to make sure that there are enough props. Each prop must be different from one another else they won’t the scary enough for the participants.

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