Fancy A Stay In These Haunted Luxury Hotels Around The World

There are several haunted luxury hotels available around the world. There are rumours about these hotels that they are inhabited by supernatural beings. It is indeed an adventure to spend your holidays in these haunted hotels. People who love to experience horrors can opt to make a stay in these luxury hotels. These hotels include all the services that you would normally find in a high-end Chennai massage parlour. People can also experience the perks of a soothing massage during their stay in these luxury hotels.

Here is a list of luxury hotels around the world which give a horrifying experience. helps people with travel related information.

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City, Canada
Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac is a landmark hotel in Quebec City. Tauk Director Britta Svensson and other guests saw a man sitting on the wooden sill of the hotel. They also watched the man disappearing suddenly. The building was owned by Louis De Buade, 17th-century Governor General. After his death, his heart was sent to his fiancée in Europe. His fiancée refused to accept the memento due to grief and it was returned to Quebec.

Chateau Rochecotte, Loire Valley, France
This hotel building was owned by the Duchesse de Dino. She resided in this building with her uncle. It is also believed that the hotel is still a residence for the Duchesse. A motorcoach driver saw a woman in white with long flowing hair above his head. The driver got paralyzed in fear. Feeling embraced to ask for a different room the driver spent many sleepless nights.

Ahwahnee Hotel, Yosemite National Park, California
It is believed that the sixth floor of the hotel is haunted by the ghost of Mary Cury Tressider. Tressider played an important role in the hotel’s development. She lived in an apartment on the 6th floor. Another strange event happened on the third floor of Ahwahnee. President John F.Kennedy stayed on the 3rd floor where he used a rocking chair to alleviate his back pain. Housekeepers noticed that the rocking chair was rocking slowly.

Fairmont Banff Spring Hotels, Alberta, Canada
It is a glorious castle located in the Canadian mountains. There are two horror stories told about this hotel. The first is the story of an Old employee of the hotel named Sam who assisted guests on the ninth floor of the hotel. Sam disappears when guests offer him a tip. The second story is a tale of a young bride who happened to fall to death from the marble staircase of the hotel. The hotel still experiences horror scenes like a chilling breeze and frightening, beautiful woman in a flowing white dress or dancing in the ballroom.

Grand Hotel Parco Dei Principi, Rome, Italy
It was designed by the architects of Massimo and Maurizio. Horror was experienced in room no 523 of the hotel. The lights would blink automatically in the night along with the moving curtains which frightened the guests.

Westin Excelsior Florence, Italy
Celebrities and Politician enjoy their stay in Westin Excelsior. The room no 152 is said to be haunted by ghosts. There are more unnerving experiences in the room.

Ritz-Carlton New Orleans, Lousiana
It is a historic landmark which is located near the grave of New Orleans famous priestess. The massage therapists were haunted by the doors opening automatically.
The above are the list of famous luxury hotels around the world. People who want to experience ghosts can visit these hotels. It would be definitely a stunning experience for horror lovers.

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