Gripping Facts About Ghosts

Ghosts have fascinated people all over the world for ages. This is why horror movies and horror stories are still popular these days. Each corner of the planet has its own set of myths about ghosts and the dark world. Here are a few facts that  will definitely give you a fright and keep you up tonight:

  •    Spirits from the other world and ghosts are believed to be more active during the darker hours of the night. This is believed to be due to lesser electronic disturbances. So the next time you think about going for a midnight stroll, think again!
  •    Ghosts have been observed to appear more frequently to kids and animals. In fact, young kids often mistake ghosts for real people and don’t seem to be scared of them either.
  •    Ghosts stuck on earth are believed to have some sort of unfinished business. However, they are not aware of their present state and find it difficult to move about in the world. This is how some people tend to notice disturbances around places there have been a recent death or accident.
  •    Vampires are famous for not sleeping in the night, the same goes for ghosts. They do not seem to have the same need as people to sleep or rest. They prefer to roam around, especially if their death was caused by some violent incident.
  •    Spirits and ghosts seem to like getting attention. This is why you notice fog or smoke or even smell perfume sometimes. They want people to know about their presence. You might have noticed sometime things appear misplaced if you have a mischievous ghost on hand.
  •    According to experts in the industry, ghosts have the ability to read your minds as well foresee your future. This is how the popular board game Ouija came about. People try to connect with a nearby spirit to get some answers about their present and the future.
  •    Apparently, ghosts do not have the ability to kill you directly. However, they possess the ability to make you go insane and force you to take your own life in the hopes of making all the madness go away.
  •    Since ghosts have free time, they tend to cause plenty of trouble to the people around them. They are a curious lot and seem to enjoy seeing how people react to different situations caused by them
  •    Cats have been observed to be able to see ghosts. This is why they often freeze in certain spots and refuse to move. In case your pet cat is continuously staring at nothing for a long time, it might be time to consider shifting to a new place.
  •    Although people are often scared of ghosts, not all ghosts are scary. Friendly ghosts also exist. They are often looking for help to cross to the other realm and not really intent on scaring the people around them.
  •    Interestingly, more ghost activity is often reported inside churches rather than at cemeteries. This might be because ghosts are drawn to living people rather than dark places.

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